Boutique Design and Long-Lasting Comfort

An interview with interior architect Lauren Rottet

With a background in both commercial and hospitality environments, Lauren Rottet brings a unique perspective to design. As the creator of Lyda and Larkin for the Haworth Collection, Lauren leads the industry in innovative thinking—with designs meant to improve the human experience.

"People want the regular pieces they can count on and trust, but they also crave different, special. They want an identity. They want to be hip and cool. They want boutique.”  
Lauren Rottet
Interior Architect

With that in mind, Lauren's solution was to design timeless pieces that are simple, yet sophisticated, beautiful, and long-lasting. The results are stunning and functional—Lyda is a modular sofa collection for social spaces in commercial and hospitality environments and Larkin is a personal laptop table that can be easily moved wherever and whenever a small table is needed.

In this short interview, Lauren takes you through her design process, inspiration, and the many uses for Lyda and Larkin—from private office to social spaces and reception areas. 

Why does the world need another sofa?  

Check out the House of Haworth to discover new products, hear from our designers, and get inspired.  

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