Why Social Spaces Will Always Be Important

Hospitable workspaces keep us connected

In 2019, internationally celebrated architect/designer Lauren Rottet sat down with Haworth’s Global Brand Director Kurt Vander Schuur and shared her thoughts on hospitality and social spaces. Since then, the world has changed. But, even in a world where we are physically distant, we need to remain socially connected.

As we return to the workplace, social spaces are more important than ever. While these spaces may look a little different today, their purpose is the same—supporting people in focus and collaborative work, as well as restorative activities. In this timeless interview, hear Lauren explain how social spaces offer a combination of choice, hospitality, and connection with one another.

Hear more from Lauren Rottet in her Haworth Connect presentation as she shares insights on The Next Decade of Socialization in our now rapidly changing world.

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