The Workplace of the Future with Henning Figge

International insights into choice in where we work

The future of work is human, collaborative, and inspiring regardless of culture, gender, or age group. According to Henning Figge, Vice President of Haworth’s European and International divisions, “We currently live in the greatest social experiment in history, and the outcome and impact on our workspaces, corporate cultures, and results are not predictable.”

The key question is: What happens when people get to choose where they spend their workday? When large employers like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Siemens offer the option—or simply ask employees to work from home for a year or longer—it is difficult to know the impact of that decision.

Remote work continues to be vital to productivity during the current global pandemic. But in many cases, people are looking for—and will continue to look for—the option to choose where they do their work.

For example, Millennials and young families are beginning to express the desire to return to the traditional office. First, to feel more connected and second, to alleviate the stress that comes with working from home while also supporting their kids’ needs. Still others are looking for flexibility in where work happens, noting they are just as productive—if not more productive—when working from home as they are in an office. Responding to the requests of employees to choose where they work is necessary to maintain a sustainable and agile work environment.

In this interview, Henning helps you consider the future of the workplace and the needs, uses, and technology integrations that will be necessary in the shift from traditional in-office work to a work-from-anywhere approach.

What really happens when people choose where they spend their workday? Watch Henning Figge reveal his perspective on the future of work.


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