Rituals and Routines for Working at Home

How to stay focused and productive

Working at home every now and then or a couple of days a week is a great solution for times when you need a change of scene or quiet place to focus away from the hustle and bustle of the office. But, when we’re asked to work at home every day, it can be a bit unnerving. We’re suddenly doing things at home we’re only used to doing at the office—and having to figure out new ways to do those things.

Even though we have all the comforts of home to draw on, breaking away from our daily routine can make us feel uncomfortable working at home. That’s why I’ve found it helpful to practice a few little daily rituals as I work remotely. These things may seem small, but they’ve helped me form a work-at-home routine that brings me a sense of peace and allows me to stay engaged and productive throughout the day.

For more ways to improve your work-at-home experience, check out 5 Tips for Working Effectively from Home.

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