International Members Take Center Stage in #voices2021

A compilation of stories, experiences, and insights


Throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, people found themselves learning how to adapt their work environments, engage and work together virtually, connect from anywhere, and support their teams in new and interesting ways.

In our #voices2021 publication, we highlight the challenges, reflections, growth, and eureka moments of our international team members. These 2020 stories will have you noting similarities and differences in your personal and professional experience. You may find yourself smiling while you’re reading, nodding in agreement, or even curious about a new-to-you idea or insight. Afterall, we can #succeedagainstodds because #wereinthistogether.

At Haworth, our role is to help establish that whatever the name—whether it is the office, home, or a third place—our designs provide meaning to the workplace. Success in the future comes from understanding our partners, being ready to challenge the status-quo, setting strategies and achievable goals, going the extra mile, employing thorough and organized training, engaging in trust and patience, and celebrating successes—big and little.

“#voices2021 proudly showcases the human side of Haworth by putting a spotlight on our most valued resources—our team.”

Henning Figge
Vice President & General Manager – Haworth International

Over the last year, Haworth members explored innovative ways to work individually and collaboratively as we pushed the boundaries of design, workplace, and the meaning of work. We encourage you to grab a snack, drink, and a comfortable seat as you gain insight and inspiration from our most valued resource—our team—while reading #voices2021.

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