Meeting Room at Orgatec 2018

Themes for Inspiring Design: Orgatec 2018

Experience culture@work from a global perspective

Orgatec, the leading international trade show for the modern working world, is held every two years in Cologne, Germany, and attended by thousands from the architecture, interior design, real estate, facilities, and office furnishings industries. If you missed it this year, take peek at what Haworth showcased.  

Haworth Desk Chair Display at Orgatec 2018
Informal Collaborative Space at Orgatec 2018

Culture@work is a hot topic all over the world—and Orgatec exhibitors were challenged to present visionary concepts that demonstrated forward-thinking ideas for new workplace design through a variety of themes:

  • Public spaces can become creative laboratories for autonomous living and working.
  • Office layouts and multifunctional workspaces support a collaborative work culture.
  • State-of-the-art information and communications technology promote creativity and networking.
  • Intelligently designed office and working environments can spark inspiration and innovation.
Haworth Fabric Rainbow at Orgatec 2018

At Haworth, we define culture as the way an organization functions and expresses itself. Most simply, it’s the personality of an organization. Culture encompasses three basic components:

  1. Values – what a company does, its mission, and how it represents itself
  2. Assumptions – the attitudes, often unconscious, formed through company processes and actions that inform what employees think
  3. Artifacts – what a company represents in the form of products, technologies, publications, processes, dress code, location, and architecture
Oratec 2018 Meeting Room
Collaborative spaces at Haworth Orgatec Showroom

This underlying framework influenced the design of our booth at Orgatec, setting the stage for a global audience to discover the many ways your workspace can purposefully impact your organization’s goals. 

If you couldn’t attend the show, experience it in 3D through our virtual tour.

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