Top 5 Spark Articles of 2019

The yearly recap

This year’s top five include topics like new ways of working and spaces that foster collaboration and creativity, offering people flexibility and driving innovation for organizations.

The Design Behind Our NYC Showroom Renovation

Haworth showrooms reflect our latest research into the evolving ways people work. They’re also physical extensions of our brand. See how our New York showroom demonstrates three ways to incorporate brand in the workplace, with a primary focus on creativity and innovation.

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LinkedIn’s Workplace Evolution

Companies that set the standard for future workspace trends attract top talent. In the highly competitive Silicon Valley market, LinkedIn evolved how people network to lead their own workspace evolution. Spark interviewed LinkedIn’s Kevin Ahlborn to learn how he designs spaces that work for each employee and what the future of work looks like.

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6 Ways to Cut the Ties to Structured Work

Advances in technology are driving the future of how, where, and when we work—at an extremely fast pace. People no longer want—or need to be—tied down to the traditions of the past. Organizations are following right along, offering more efficient, convenient, and fulfilling work-life balance. See six trends that are opening doors for more flexible options at work.

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4 Types of Collaborative Spaces

Designing for collaboration helps create environments where employees feel valued for their unique experiences and input. Haworth’s global research team has distilled the reasons we meet into four primary collaborative activities—inform, do, think, and connect. Learn how to design workspaces that support each one.

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How Social Spaces Foster Creativity and Innovation

Offering a variety of spaces that support focus work and encourage restorative behaviors—for both individuals and groups—allows creativity and innovation to flourish. Social Spaces are inspiring places where people can connect and refresh, nurturing their needs and businesses’ strategies for innovation.

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