Top 5 SPARK Articles of 2018

The yearly recap

In this inaugural year of SPARK we explored a variety of topics that continue to influence space transformation and workplace design. From employee well-being to celebrating world renowned designers, there’s something for everyone.

Here are the five most popular articles of 2018.

3 Things Leaders Should Know About Culture

When culture and business goals align, employees are more in tune with what it means to be part of your organization, improving engagement, collaboration, and innovation. Discover what every leader needs to know about culture that can yield higher returns.

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10 Ideas to Design for Workplace Zen

See how designing for the five senses can create workplace Zen that keeps people feeling balanced, enabling them to do their best work.

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Invisible Design for Performance

One of the most significant factors in job satisfaction is often overlooked simply because you can’t see it: acoustics. Learn the ABCs of effective acoustical design.

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Cappellini Scouting Comes to Light in Chicago

Giulio Cappellini is known as an extraordinary discoverer of new talents. In the Haworth 2018 NeoCon showroom, his forte was visually represented by a variety of artistic pieces from designer Steven Haulenbeek.

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4 Generations at Work

In a few years, workspaces will have to accommodate four generations of workers, each with different workstyles. Here’s what HR leaders need to know.

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